Minato Philharmonic Symphony Orcestra is an amature orcestra based on Minato, Koto and Edogawa ward, Tokyo.
Since Feb. 2011


Due to pandmic for COVID-19, please pay special attention.

・DO NOT join if you have bad feeling(fever、couph、runny nose、pain etc.)
・Use sanitary, wear face mask
・Share your contact, name in case of special contact if our staff asked
・Be rejected to enter the seat if reach half of the seat capacity

You will be asked to agree above statements when you are entering.
We'll update in case the event got cancell or programs are changed due to the situation in grater Tokyo and our members conditions.
Thank you for your understanding and kindly support.
COVID-19 official annoucments
Tokyo Metropolitan Gov.
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

19th Regular Concert

Place: Tower hall Funabori, Edogawa, Tokyo
 8th of January 2024
 Open 1pm, Start 1:30pm
 Conductor: TOMIHIRA, Kyohei
 Program: Shuman: Symphony No.1 "Spring Symphony"
   Haydn: Symphony No.101 "The Clock"
     Shuberut: Overture in the Italian style
 Charge: Free


8th Oct, 2023

Updated the 19th regular concert information.

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